GSI has its own SOP

We, at GSI, have standard operating procedures or SOPs in place for each and every step in the production process of sports goods. The procurement of raw materials is done from high-quality suppliers who have track record of delivering top notch quality material that are approved by the authorities.

SOPs are also in place for the actual production of sports goods that are strictly followed by the employees, craftsmen and workers working on the machines. Regular internal audits ensure that the SOPs are followed, through and through.

Machines are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Cost regulation system is in place in order to check for wastage and ways are developed at GSI to reduce the wastage as much as we can. Re-utilization of resources or the waste products is also a key aspect which is looked into by the management of GSI.

Image        GSI workmen working on sports clothings

We take care of QUALITY.

On every sports ground, stadium or court, athletes highly depend on durable and good quality sports goods to play their game with joy and pride.

And, this is why it is pivotal for sports goods manufacturing companies to strive for the highest standards in safety as well as quality.

GSI ensures that its products comply not only with local but international regulations and the products performance stays on par with the ever-changing competitive landscape of the sports manufacturing industry.Image