GSI Designs Bob Game for Tuborg (EXCLUSIVE)

Carom is an extremely popular board game from the eastern part of the world. It is quite similar to table shuffleboard and billiards. However, when this competitive game idea was picked by the Danes, they developed a new one called Bob. Like carom, the Danish version – Bob is also quite addictive for pool table game admirers. Garg Sports International designed exclusive Bob game equipment for Tuborg.

Garg Sports International designed the product for Tuborg and presented it with the specifications requested by the company. This bob game was designed for a promotional event to introduce people to the game in Denmark as well as promote the products of Tuborg.

GSI took utmost care to design and develop high-quality Bob game board and other related equipments. The entire concept was developed after hours of brainstorming and only finest quality raw materials were used to manufacture the product.

The folks at GSI also faced numerous challenges in the process of developing and manufacturing Bob for Tuborg. But, wait, GSI is known for taking up challenging assignments and deliver them with great results.

Challenges Faced in Developing Bob Game for Tuborg

Bob game can be played on a smooth surface board and it was challenging to manufacture the same. The board had to be without back support and avoid warping at the same time. Bob is played using smooth finish coins. GSI was able to manufacture these smooth finish coins for Tuborg.

Also, time was a big challenge, but GSI worked hard and the team was able to deliver the finished products on time.
If you are interested in getting custom-made Bob games for your company with exclusive branding, touch base with Garg Sports International, here. 

Bob game means hours of fun. So are you ready to play?

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