Garg Sports International Crafts Custom-made Sports Wrist Bands for Havells

havells wrist bandSports wrist bands are essential for any sports player. The wrist bands are not only great as a sweat absorbent but also an awesome marketing tool for a business house. Numerous corporate houses and companies consult sports companies for custom-made wrist bands. Havells, one of the premier electrical equipment companies in India, approached Garg Sports International (GSI) for these custom-made sports wrist band.

Importance of Sports Wrist Bands
An athlete knows the importance of wearing a wrist band as there are chances of slip ups during the game. Slip ups can spoil the game for the athlete. The sports wrist band helps to prevent and stop sweat from spoiling the game.
From basketball players to tennis players, they all wear these sports wrist bands. The main aim of these bands is to catch the sweat before it reaches your hands. This way you as a player are much more effective on the field. For a basket ball player, it helps in getting better pass and also helps in making good shots. The wrist band also ensures that the ball doesn’t slip from the hands of the athlete while throwing or making a pass.

Also, these wrist bands also known as sweat bands act as great marketing tool for the team or the company (in Havells case).
Garg Sports International crafted custom-made wrist bands for Havells. The prime challenge was to create the unique logo of Havells on the wrist band. However, GSI took the challenge and created the wrist band ihavells wrsit band 2n the stipulated time-frame. GSI embroidered the Havells logo on the band. We used high-quality raw material to manufacture the bands. The sports wrist bands are washable and can be reused as many times you want.

If you wish to have custom-made sports wrist bands for your company, touch base with Garg Sports International, here.


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