GSI Guide to Choose the Right Yoga Mat

yoga matLong time ago, there was only one kind of yoga mat available. It used to be made of PVC and came in blue or purple. However, things have changed and now you can get different types of yoga mats. Apart from the colour and patterns, you have to understand that your yoga mat should be cushy and comfortable as well as storable and portable.

Read on this GSI guide to choose the right yoga mat for you.

1. Material of the yoga mat: The material of the yoga mat determines the texture and sponginess of the mat. You can choose from thickness of foam 4mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 10 mm or a different material cotton rug. Foam Yoga mats have most sponginess compared to cotton rugs.

2. Thickness of the mat: Thickness plays a key role in comfort. If the mat is too thin, then you might end hurting the knee but if the mat is too thick then you won’t be able establish a connection with the floor which is required for some asanaas. You can choose from the standard 6mm to 4mm. You can also buy travel yoga mats meant for avid travellers. These come with a draw string bag in two materials non woven and cotton printed material. Non woven is a long running item that symbolises strength while cotton printed yoga mat shows colourful attribute.

3. Texture of the yoga mat: Texture plays a key role in determining the stickiness of your yoga mat. Texture also affects the slipping and sliding on the mat. Yoga mats come with different textures from rough to smooth.

4. Style: You can go for different colours that are available here at Garg Sports International. There are different patterns and prints available for the users. Couple yoga is upcoming trend in suburbs and for that we have Yoga Mat premium of size 6ft X 3ft.

5. Price range for yoga mats: We do not sell chinese quality Yoga Mat. Our Yoga mats are for serious yogis who want long durable yoga mats.

You can browse through Garg Sports International’s yoga mats collection, here.

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