Why Choose Wooden Toys?

They are handmadeplane 12 and natural. Wooden toys vs. plastic toys. What is your choice? Plastic or metal toys lacks grace and they are chemical nature, while wooden toys look natural and poetic in every way.

Wooden toys do not harm the kids, it is as if touching trees, chair and table. These toys do break down or wound, moreover they do not shatter. Wooden toys are capable of lasting a long time. Wood is renewable source of energy and when you buy toys made of wood you are not harming or endangering nature. The toys are biodegradable and they are design in such a way that can pass down from generation to generation.

Garg Sports International made these beautifully handcrafted wooden toys that look appealing at the very first sight. Moreover, the wooden toys make sounds that are soothing to the ears. The feeling to touch the wooden toys is quite smooth. And they are very gentle and beautiful.

Wooden toys are simple toys that help the children use their imagination. For instance, wooden puzzle help children to develop their motor skills and develop cognitively. Also, the wooden play sets help the children to get socially and emotionally developed as individuals. They are simple and thus hold high educational value and quite popular these days.
Meanwhile, plastic toys can be less expensive, but imagine the amount of toxicity. Wood does not contain the toxic PVC chemical like plastic toys do.

These days wooden toys are as innovative as the modern toys available made of metal or plastic. Also, these wooden toys make for classy pieces in the homes. They serve as quite great presents for kids and toddlers. Games like chess, tic-tac-toe and checkers can be played using wood. These wooden toys are said to last for decades.

Check out the collection of wooden toys at GSI, here.

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