Teach the Kids with GSI’s Wide Range of Wooden Educational Toys

plane 12Plastic toys vs. wooden toys, this is a never-ending battle. However, when it comes to the safety of the kids, first and foremost choice should be wooden toys. Modern plastic toys come with latest features that are installed in them in order to distract or amuse the children. These are quite stimulating, but the important question that you should ask is – is the child going to learn something?

Plastic toys are not about real learning and they hardly stimulate the creativity in a child. The reason being it is high tech and automatic. Also, plastic toys are not as durable as wooden toys. Plastic toys come with small parts and them often to tend to break and end up becoming a waste product.

At Garg Sports International, our master craftsmen design and create beautiful handmade wooden toys that are attractive and at the same time compel the kids to be creative with them. We do not use any paint on the wooden toys in order to avoid the children come in contact with harmful chemicals from paint.

Wooden educational toys crafted at GSI are made of sheesham wood also known as Indian Rose Wood.

Wooden toys are known to inspire the children to be imaginative in their play time. The reason behind this can be the versatility present in the toys.

Wooden educational toys helps build problem solving and lateral thinking skills; also help build the motor skills. These handmade wooden toys command the children to innovate and come up with new games, instead of pushing a button and waiting for the response.

Wooden toys help in developing the character of a child as well as his education and health.

Browse through the range of wooden toys available at Garg Sports International, here. 

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