Soccer Cone Training Markers for Various Workout Routines as a sport requires the players to be quick and agile. They can develop agility by incorporating various agility exercises in their training routine. One of such exercise to build soccer endurance is called the shuttle run.

Shuttle run, also known as yo-yos or doggies, is a fitness training exercise to increase the endurance of an athlete. Soccer is a stop-and-go game and shuttle run is a great supplementary exercise to build agility. It can be used to build stamina, speed, endurance and acceleration.

How to perform Shuttle Run Exercise?

Equipments required: Cones or markers, an extra player or a wall and a soccer ball.

In order to set a pass shuttle runs exercise, you have to mark off 6 cones approximately 5 yards apart in a single line. It is important for the players to do warm up before performing this particular exercise.

The soccer player should perform 4-5 sets of this shuttle run exercise.

To start, the player will begin with the soccer ball on the first cone and dribble full speed to the first cone. Then, he must quickly cut the ball and pass to the wall or the other player and dash back to the starting marker without the ball.

During this time the other player must stop the ball near the starting line where the practicing player must reach quickly and dribble with speed to the 2nd cone. This pattern must be repeated for all the cones.

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