Agility Ladder Exercise to Burn Fat Plus Get a Fabulous Body

agility-training-and-equipmentsSport drills are known for their fat-burning ways. You don’t have to play a particular sport to burn fat, you can easily burn them by doing agility exercises. Apart from burning fat, these exercises increase strength, balance, power as well as coordination.

Sports drills are more like playing sports. Agility is the ability to change direction in a swift as well as effective manner. In order to change the direction in an effective way, the person has to build coordination between balance, strength and speed. Agility drills using agility ladder help in burning fat and get that fabulous body.

Exercise Using GSI’s Agility Ladder – Lateral Single-Leg Hop

Begin with your right side and face the end of the agility ladder. You have to stand on your right leg and jump sideways into each box staying on the same leg until you finish one cycle of reaching the end of the ladder. Do the same with the other leg and go back down the ladder to the beginning point.

By doing this exercise, you improve the strength in each leg and tendons.

At Garg Sports International, we have a wide variety of speed agility equipment meant for athletes and fitness freaks. Some of these equipments are club speed agility set, pro adjustable hurdles (this comes in two variations), multi height agility hurdle, folding agility hurdle, collapsible agility hurdle, agility cone hurdle, step agility hurdle, multi height agility hurdles, agility cone hurdle small, mega cone agility set, multi height speed jumper, club speed ladder, pro-speed ladder, super speed ladder, pro-speed ladder, cloth ladder, speed ring ladder and elementary speed ladder.

You can choose from the GSI speed agility equipment and perform various agility drills to burn fat and get the body that you desire for.

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