Importance of Speed and Agility Training for Children

speed agility childrenAgility is the ability to change directions and at the same time gain speed without losing balance. It is related to balance, coordination and speed. Children develop speed at an early age while playing with their friends. The kids should be introduced to speed and agility training in age-appropriate stages.

Children between the ages of 5 and 8 should be made aware of the different speed agility exercises. They can be pretty simple so that they are able to do the same. The exercises can include the movement patterns of arms and legs. Equipments like cones can be used in the form of maze and they can also move in the pattern of eight.

In kids, speed and agility training can enhance their ability to participate in sports as participation in sports helps in the overall well being of a person. Also it helps promoting self worth and interaction in a team.

Kids love to play football, and this is one sport that uses a lot of speed and agility. Playing football helps improving endurance, flexibility, speed coordination and agility.

Also these exercises or any other for that matter encourage kids to develop their social skills as they interact with other kids. The kids will have fun while they are made to do simple exercises. When they are consistent automatically their skills improve in the speed and agility department.

One should not force kids to improve or even think about it, they should have fun while doing the training and gradually they will understand the importance of improving. Every child is different hence it is important for the coach or parent to understand that they have to be a motivator. Encourage them that they also have the ability to be as good as their friends.

You can check out the speed and agility training equipment that will suit the kids, here.

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