Tips for Speed Training


Speed training must be done systematically. The goal to become a faster sportsperson is important for any sportsperson.

Some tips for Speed Training

1. Active warm-up is an absolute must before any speed training exercise.
2. Focus on speed training when your body is non-fatigued. Always plan the speed training before other exercises and you can do this on a rest day as well.
3. For kids, speed training should be fun and the exercises must be a part of the games they usually play. Relay games are great for speed training. In fact any game with quick turns and bursts is best for speed training for kids.
4. Try not to go for distance running as it compromises on speed and our focus is on explosiveness.
5. Try to reach the optimum speed level which varies from person to person.
6. Perform resistance training in order to develop strength and improve acceleration.
7. Try to do yoga and keep your mind in a calm state.
8. You can also do meditation in order motivate and concentrate on becoming a better athlete.
9. Always use correct methods to perform any task related to speed. Remember to stress on correct mechanics.
10. The drill always should have a purpose. Do not do a drill just for the sake of doing. You should know the use of a particular drill and how it is going to help you.
11. Also focus on maximal strength via exercises like squatting and other exercises.

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