Why is Agility Important for An Athlete?

SpeedChuteSports like football, tennis and basket ball require the player to run as well as change their directions swiftly as per the need. Agility helps in activities that require you to quickly change direction and keeping balance, speed, and strength and body control.
Sports that involve use of rackets like squash, badminton and tennis need agility. Martial arts like karate, judo, kickboxing, taekwondo, and aikido require agility. Also, games like volley ball and hockey require high level of agility.

Agility is much more than an athlete’s ability to change directions. It is also by the fluidity of the movement.

In order to develop agility in a person, all these factors must be taken into consideration.
1. Balance
2. Timing
3. Co-ordination
4. Direction changes
5. Suppleness

With practice anyone can become agile and for practice, Garg Sports International has world class agility training equipment.
Speed and power are crucial for agility, but what makes a difference is the ability to turn. When is able to master the ways of turning, he or she can be pretty agile.

While training for agility, you need to keep the following things in mind.

1. Balance as well as core strength play important role in agility.
2. Arms: use of legs and arms are crucial. Also arms and legs are controlled by to work at the same frequency. Training effective arm movement is important for speed.
3. Technique: Technique is necessary for speed.

Weight transfer is also important in the sport agility training regime. You can practice to run around the cones and stop every now and then. When you stop, try to stop in two steps and hold your balance for ten second at least.
You also do get-up exercises and sprint from different directions.
Happy training!

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