Is Sports Education As Important As Academic Subjects In Schools?

Sports education or physical education is a part of the curriculum in schools across India. However, it has been observed that it is a mere subject and schools don’t pay much attention to the same. By providing physical education in educational institutions like schools, children and young develop life skills.

physical education and equipments

The question lies – is sports education as important as academic subjects in schools?

People across the globe accept the fact that physical or sports education has positive impact on children. Still there are numerous challenges like –

  1. Decrease in number of trained staff
  2. Decrease in the time allotment to physical education
  3. Decrease in the amount of training provided to physical education teachers
  4. Decrease in the money and resources provided to the team taking care of physical education in a school.

Academic education and sports education complement each other. In fact they are the two sides of the same coin. When sports education is an active part of the academic curriculum, the overall personality of a person improves.

Advantages of Sports Education in Schools

  1. It develops the qualities of team spirit, leadership and tolerance.
  2. It instils the habit of discipline, determination to forge ahead and will power.
  3. Physical education drives students to win no matter what the circumstances are.
  4. It develops the spirit to never give up.
  5. Physical education teaches students the importance of hard work in life. Hard work is important in not only sports but in all other walks of life.
  6. It helps in getting the students fit and healthy.
  7. By taking parts in sports activities, the students learn the importance of being healthy and fit.
  8. The students adopt a better lifestyle which is not lazy.

Sports education along with academic education is crucial for the complete growth of a student.

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