Physical Activity: The Importance And Benefits

physical activityPhysical activity is crucial for leading a healthy life. A man sitting on a couch with a bucket full of chicken legs and fries is only inviting trouble. He is gaining weight due to his inactive lifestyle. Physical activity is the movement of the body. The body uses energy and it is physical activity.

Being active is key and you can be active by walking, playing a sport like cricket, hockey, kabaddi or soccer, jogging, running, climbing the stairs, dancing, jumping and many, many more.

There are moderate as well as vigorous physical activities.

Moderate physical activities – dancing, tennis, water sports, walking, gardening and bicycling.

Vigorous physical activities – fast walking, running, swimming, basketball, tennis (singles) and aerobics.

You can choose from these different activities as well as switch between vigorous and moderate. You have to remember that only moderate and vigorous activities are counted as physical activities.

Importance of Physical Activity

  1. Physical activity helps you live longer as your metabolism works great and your organs are healthier compared to a person who is not into physical activity.
  2. You have stronger bones and muscles when you indulge in physical activity.
  3. People who are active also feel confident about themselves as well as their body.
  4. Physical activity helps in keeping you active and alert.
  5. Playing a sport helps in concentrating on the task at hand. You are able to give your all to your work.
  6. When you actively involve yourself in sport or any other physical activity you sleep well at night.
  7. You are able to keep a check on your weight.
  8. Physical activity peps up your mood and you are not depressed.

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