Why School Grounds Are Important For Children?

physical-education-equipmentKids these days spend very less time playing outdoors these days and there are numerous reasons for the same. Technology, video games, social networking websites and other things compel children to spend their time indoors. They are glued to screens of laptops, mobile phones, tabs and what not. The school ground or grounds near the home play a crucial role in inviting the children to come and play.

Importance and Benefits of Having and Maintaining School Grounds

When children learn and play outside, it helps in improving their balance, muscle strength, overall body co-ordination, dexterity, fitness and health. The children, when they make use of the school ground in the physical education period they get to connect with other students in a much better way. When the whole class participates in the sports activities they work as a team and bond.

Apart from playing, the school grounds can be used for other activities. The teachers can teach the students in the playground. An outdoor session with the children can significantly improve their learning skills.

When children start to learn outside or with nature they express high interest and are not bored or anxious.

Apart from the physical well-being of the children, when they learn outside it impacts their emotional well-being. They are able to better connect with nature and how it functions. Moreover, they are able to appreciate the workings of environment and how it affects the lives of human beings and animals.

School grounds can also be used for various other activities like community lunch, concerts for children, by the children, and many more.

Many observed that when students learn in the playground their behaviour improves. Also, their outlook towards life change for the better. The social interaction also improves. School grounds are pivotal for the overall growth of a child.

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2 thoughts on “Why School Grounds Are Important For Children?

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