Your Picnic Is Incomplete Without Ludo

garden-ludo-mat-1Mommy gets up early in the morning and prepares lunch for the Sunday afternoon. The picnic afternoon. The kids are up too, early in the morning, today. And they are quite excited about what they are going to play with their cousins and friends. Any picnic is incomplete without board games and one of the most beloved games is Ludo.

Ludo is a board game and two to four players can enjoy this game at one time. The players have to race their four tokens from start to finish. The move of the token is determined by the dice rolls. The game, Pachisi, from India can be called the predecessor of Ludo.

You can buy the jumbo Ludo set carefully crafted by Garg Sports International. We have Garden Ludo Mat. It is 24.2 X 24.2 X 3.4 cm square mat with Ludo pattern. This complete set includes – 1 mat, set of counters or tokens in 4 colours, plastic dice, pump and inflatable dice.

GSI also offers Large Ludo Mat which is a 40 inches square vinyl mat with Ludo pattern printed on it, The complete set includes – 1 mat, set of counters of token in 4 colours, plastic dice, plastic dice and pump. Large Ludo rug is made of natural fibre composition with Ludo pattern print. This set had counters in 4 colours and premium dice.

Picnic is a great way for the family members to connect with each other. It is also important for young children to get out and connect with nature. Also, picnic is a way of creating memories for your child. Picnic gives the opportunity to your child to just go out and play. They can play with their friends and discover the beauty of nature at its best. Of course, board games like Ludo and chess are there for them. So, plan that next picnic and carry your GSI Ludo set.

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