“It’s been a week that a soccer ball in the garden is still waiting to be kicked by that young boy who is busy with his new toy i phone “

what's it about“Nature deficit disorder” the condition of being disconnected or separated from nature and the natural world. This disorder conveys the condition of today’s generation who lack personal connection to nature. Reason behind is home based leisure technology. This technology is expensive and brings home different disorders when dependent on it for a longer run. It is also an aggravating reason, why we see children spending less and lesser time in outdoor activities.

addictionNeed of hour is an innovative product range or may be touch up to old fashion outdoor play. Whatever it is, it should attract lazy bones and ignite the sleeping sporty genes of a couch potato.

‘Play’ is the most basic physical activity which is a necessity of each child for a holistic growth. The best time spent with family is play. Outdoor play is a multi sensory activity, brings together informal & formal learning and stimulates creativity.

what's inAt Garg Sports International, we seek out new items or renovating old games with our clients to flourish the sports landscape for generation next. We offer a facility to each of our client that gives them enormous flexibility to develop their own product in tune with their specifications.

I believe that it is the outdoor activities that inculcate leadership skills & problem solving habits; reducing anxiety & stress. Each of us can be a great learner & a positive human being, by opening ourselves to Mother Nature.


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  • Why a child has to dump his education over livelihood; it could be he/she is the only way for family to survive.
  • Despite endless efforts from International & national organisation why world is not able to eradicate Child Labour?

In any country, child labour will survive and thrive until the issues that lead to it are not resolved completely; 1) Poverty 2) Lack of Quality Schools 3) Cheap Labour.

However, it does not mean that without resolving these three factors we cannot afford to have child labour free country. Power to bring change even lies with consumers. If a consumer ensures that they buy goods only from Child Labour Free Establishments then this small activity can bring change at a larger scale.

At Garg Sports International (GSI) such standards & measurements are enforced that it has created an environment for all its employees that they are made aware of 1) Importance of education 2) Youth Employment and 3) Respect of work.

At GSI we practice what we say; transparency and honesty with our clients has managed us to develop retention and loyalty. We have always welcome our client for third party inspection for full transparency, hoping a stronger relationship.

I certainly believe that “GOODS ARE GOOD IF FREE FROM CHILD LABOUR”.

Right from the Founder’s desk

Make in India vs Make in China?

picture one

Make in India vs Make in China, is a huge umbrella with nexus of policy makers, exporters, manufacturers, and many more whose business is aligned towards it. I believe there is no black and white answer for which country will thrive in Global Manufacturing Landscape.

Global chinapundit states that considering emerging trends in China & India, China is drifting towards automation and robotics while India with its core strength of human resource is growing leaps and bound.

Here’s my say on it :picture two

India has always scored better on China for western exposure, understanding client’s requirement and credibility. The recent reforms and positive bred export ecosystem assists Indian manufacturers to overcome major hindrances – COST & SCALABILITY.

Trust me , we have lot to give to our buyers now.

Right from the Founder’s desk.