Garg Sports International (GSI), based in Meerut, India, is one of the established manufactures of sports, accessories and apparels. In the year 1999, the company (GSI) sprang out from its mother company ā€“ KHEL Mandir with the sole mission to manufacture and deliver high quality and high performance sports goods.

Lately, GSI entered in the international market as a premium supplier of sports goods, accessories and apparels, but the best part is that these products are competitively priced for our clients.

Over the period, GSI has created a trustworthy reputation of a company that believes in quality, timely delivery and cost-effective range of products. We, as a company, want to build champions from across the globe by providing them with top class sports equipments and other related products.

GSI is a trusted supplier of sports goods and accessories to some of the best known national as well international brands and establishments like UNDP, UNICEF, and more. It is the trust factor that makes our clients to come back to us with new orders.

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