Play is the most important activity in the lives of children. Play is like work, occupation for child. It is important for Children have a fundamental need for play. It’s as important to their development and well-being as eating and sleeping. Play needs to be fun, it should be child-led, inspire imagination and creativity, and it also must be free from toxin.

Physical play ensures in building child’s strength and endurance with sports like throwing, catching, jumping, etc and it requires sports items like soft footballs, juggling balls, scarves, plastic cricket equipment and many other.

It becomes responsibility of manufacturing company, wholesalers, retailers, all kind of sellers to ensure that they know what they are selling, composition of goods. GSI is a committed manufacturer, who takes care that children playing goods are not hazardous and well taken care of. We aim that children play with our sports goods and emerge as champions of the sports. They make their play passion and we supply what it requires to continue the fire.

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GSI goods are certified by REACH, CPSIA, Phthalate Free, AZO Free & LEAD free. They are child labour free and CE certified.

It is important to develop playful, toxin free and fun filled environment for healthy development of all kids.


Sports Stars (Men) Of The Year 2014 Plus The Highest Paid Athletes

three_different_sports-1280x7202014 was indeed a delightful year for sports personalities as well as fans. From Lewis Hamilton bagging the BBC Sports Personality of the Year to Cristiano Ronaldo winning the Overseas Award, 2014 was great for various sport persons.

Highest Paid Athletes – 2014 (Men) – Courtesy –

  1. Floyd Mayweather (Boxing) – Even though he earned $0 from endorsements, Mayweather was declared as the highest paid athlete with $105 million as pay.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer): His pay in 2014 was $80 million and salary/winnings were $52 million.
  3. LeBron James (Basketball): His pay was $72.3 million and salary/winnings were $19.3 million. James also has endorsements worth $53 million.
  4. Lionel Messi (Soccer): The soccer star’s pay was $64.7 million in 2014 and salary/winnings were $41.7 million. Also, he earned $23 million from endorsements.
  5. Kobe Bryant: His pay was $61.5 million in 2014 and salary/winnings were $30.5 million. The basketball star also earned $31 million from endorsements.
  6. Tiger Woods: The golfer has endorsements worth $55 million. His pay in 2014 was $61.2 million and salary/winnings were $6.2 million. In 2014, Tiger Woods was also signed by Hero MotoCorp which is the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers. Woods is expected to play a key role in the expansion of Hero MotoCorp via advertising the products across the globe.

Apart from international sports personalities, Indian sportsmen also shined in 2014. Rajat Chauhan, Abhishek Verma, and Sandeep Kumar bagged gold in Compound Men’s team (archery) in the 17th Asian Games. Meanwhile, Abhishek Verma also won silver in Compound Men’s individual (men). Vikas Gowda won silver in men’s discus throw. Rajiv Arokia won bronze in men’s 400m.

The hockey men’s team won the gold medal in Asian Games after a long time and it was proud moment for the nation. GSI congratulates the winners and highest paid athletes for working hard and bringing glory to their nations.

The Spirit of 2014 FIFA World Cup: Let’s Celebrate Soccer Together

Soccer unites people. People forget about everything and unite and celebrate the spirit of football. Folks across the globe are getting ready for the 2014 FIFA World Cup as Brazil and Croatia battle it out on Thursday, June 12, 2014.

Now, check out this video, courtesy: McDonald’s GOL! FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014.Football Video

In the video, five common folks showcase how talented they are with the football. However, there is more, it also shows how passionate these guys are about the sport and can play the game anytime and anywhere.

The video shows a kid shooting the ball like a boss and he is playing on the escalator. While, an old man showcases his skills as young men and women watch him play in awe.

Clearly, sports see no age. It does not discriminate. Anyone can play football and that is what the spirit of FIFA is.

At Garg Sports International, the team is soaked in the same spirit of soccer and sports. We come together to make the finest sports equipments and goods for our clients. Our craftsmen are passionate about crafting the best products.

We, at GSI, manufacture soccer goal post (fixed), soccer goal post (movable), futsal goal post, mini soccer goal post (movable), PVC football post pro, PVC football post club. We also manufacture PU soccer ball or football, two types of synthetic soccer ball and PVC soccer ball or football.

Apart from the equipment, we are also into sports clothing and make comfortable soccer bibs, striped mesh training bibs, cricket t-shirt, adult mesh training bibs, football kit and more. You can check sports clothing collection, here.

If you are a part of a business house or a company, we also make promotional apparels like arm bands, key rings, promotional shirts. Come and have a look at the collection, here.

Fighting Childhood Obesity with Physical Activities and Agility Exercises

agility itemChildren who are 20% or more than their model weight are obese and obesity is becoming a difficult problem to tackle. As they say prevention is better than cure, identifying the problem is crucial for parents. Childhood obesity can have both short-term as well as long-term psychological and physical effects on the child. High blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, gall stones, sleep apnea and others.

Often obese children have to face bullying in school and neighbourhood. To understand, obesity is less activity and more calorie intake. And to fight obesity the kids have to increase their physical activities. Speed and agility exercises are great for kids to fight obesity and lead a healthy and active life.

Speed Agility Exercises

  1. Cone Pursuit: This game needs two people and one of them is a rabbit and the other one is a hound. Set the cones in any arrangement. The rabbit starts with one, two or three-second headstart. The rabbit must run from run through the cones with getting caught and tagged by the hound who must follow the same pattern. This helps in building agility for various sports.
  2. Circle Run: This activity can be done alone or with other kids. For this activity, you need a tennis ball and a smooth surface. To start, the partner rolls the ball from one side towards a boundary about 40 feet away. When the ball is rolled, the player has to move around the ball as many times as possible before the ball reaches the boundary. One can also use a foot ball or basket ball for this exercise.

The various agility training equipment
available at Garg Sports International are marker cones, weighted base cones, saucer training cones, folding agility hurdle, club speed agility set and many more equipments.

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Badass Exercises to Improve Agility Using GSI’s Speed Agility Equipments

Zig-zag-runsAthletes love the ability to run fast without losing balance. Many believe that speed is a god-gift, however you can develop speed and agility by single-mindedly training using speed agility equipments. By doing these exercises you can develop your agility skills. Agility is more crucial than speed as it is the ability of an athlete to move quickly from side to side or change direction swiftly while running at a fast speed.

Check out these agility exercises.

  1. Cone Taps: Do high knees by placing a cone in front of you. Also, you have to tap the cone with the raised foot. You just have to gently tap the top and not knock it down. This exercise helps in getting strong feet and ankles; it also helps in building agility.
  2. Zig-Zag Cone Exercise: Keep 5-10 cones in a zig-zag formation and space them out about 6 feet. Also, the cone should be placed 45 degrees from the other. Start out by running toward the first cone to run around it. As soon as you reach the cone get ready to shift your weight and getting lower to the ground.
  3. Lateral Hurdle Jumps: You can use GSI’s cone or small hurdles for this particular exercise. Take a cone or small hurdle and keep it next to you. Jump laterally from one side to another and you have to lift the inside leg just high enough to clear the hurdle or cone. This exercise will improve your agility.

Hurdles-RunYou can buy various sports agility training equipments like marker cones, weighted base cones, wind slit cones, marker cone with holes, soft vinyl cone, flexible training cones, super saucer training cones, and saucer training cones. At GSI we also manufacture dome markers, mega disc cones and ploy slalom pole base. You can visit the page, here.