Manchester United Boss David Moyes Called the Report of Rio Ferdinand Quitting as ‘Complete Nonsense’

downloadIn a latest comment from David Moyes, he completely rubbished the reports that Rio Ferdinand of Manchester United would quit at the end of the season. David angrily dismissed the reports that Rio will not be a part of the warm-weather training camp.

Various newspapers reported on Tuesday that Rio Ferdinand would not be going to Dubai on Thursday and was ready to announce his retirement at the end of the season.

However, MU boss David told a press conference, before a game with Arsenal, that these rumours are nothing but a “load of rubbish.”

“I can only tell you that what was written today was a load of rubbish, complete nonsense,” said David.

“We’ve got a chance of a few days away. We’ll see. We’ll go and try to have a few days away and get ready. We’ve got a big Champions League game coming up in just over a week’s time,” added David.

Manchester United heads to Middle East after a series of poor forms and the boss believes that the break would be helpful for the players.

“We’ve got a chance to have a few days,” he said. “We’ll see. We’ll go and try and have a few days to get ready. We’ve got a big Champions League game coming up in a week’s time.”

Meanwhile, Rio Ferdinand also tweeted about his alleged retirement news floating on major newspapers.

“Must be another slow news day. come on Neil Custis get ya head out ya Y-fronts!.” Tweeted Rio.

Ferdinand’s contract will expire at the end of the season.

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