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Can sports integrate the world, communities, belief & religion together?

Sports is a perfect remedy to ease out tension, anxiety and infuse life with fun and energy. At grassroots or community level sports creates an ecosystem to develop human being and nurture them with quality of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship teaches ethos of good sports where there is a good winner and good loser. It teaches virtues of fairness, courage, self control and persistence which are important elements of living good life and respecting other lives.

A childhood is the perfect age to teach qualities of good sports so that at stage of adulthood they learn to ‘Let it Go’ at times when rage, anger & hunger for power overwhelms them.

Sports as a non verbal communication is considered to be one of the effective tool for transformative impact and bringing out youth who may have grown up in an environment of hate and intolerance.

It is a universal language, a powerful tool to promote peace, tolerance and understanding by bringing together people across boundaries, culture and religions.

We should encourage sports and GSI promotes sports by complying not only with local but international regulations and the product performance stays on par with the ever changing competitive landscape of the sports manufacturing industry.







Play is the most important activity in the lives of children. Play is like work, occupation for child. It is important for Children have a fundamental need for play. It’s as important to their development and well-being as eating and sleeping. Play needs to be fun, it should be child-led, inspire imagination and creativity, and it also must be free from toxin.

Physical play ensures in building child’s strength and endurance with sports like throwing, catching, jumping, etc and it requires sports items like soft footballs, juggling balls, scarves, plastic cricket equipment and many other.

It becomes responsibility of manufacturing company, wholesalers, retailers, all kind of sellers to ensure that they know what they are selling, composition of goods. GSI is a committed manufacturer, who takes care that children playing goods are not hazardous and well taken care of. We aim that children play with our sports goods and emerge as champions of the sports. They make their play passion and we supply what it requires to continue the fire.

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GSI goods are certified by REACH, CPSIA, Phthalate Free, AZO Free & LEAD free. They are child labour free and CE certified.

It is important to develop playful, toxin free and fun filled environment for healthy development of all kids.

Billion population & missing sports players


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India is second most populated country after China. It might be the world largest democratic country, with amazing Indians around the world known for power, fame and money or intellect. But ,what about Sports, why are we lagging in this sector?

It is not we do not have players or champions to play and represent our country India at International level but  due to a lack of proper coaching, facilities and support they cannot reach on top.

Why we have few Saina Nehwal, Sachin Tendulker, Sushil Kumar, Sania Mirza ?  Yes there is a new concept sprawling in India which is ‘Grassroot Sports’ this concept sports federations, commercial players, hoc projects and individuals are organizing sports activities targeting the public for  increasingly diverse sports sector.

The Grassroot Sports program includes training kids right from the beginning in the sports that interests them, and that too under the complete guidance of certified professional coaches deployed at school. The solid foundation is laid at primary school, when PE lessons are equipped with complete sports equipment kit that empowers each student to show his best and skill him/herself.


 GSI (Garg Sports International) is associated with many such institutions, organizations that works in this sector. GSI supplies best of the best sports equipment like Plastic indoor cricket set, Juggling scarves, Juggling balls,Kids parachute, Training cones,Training hurdles,Spot markers Etc.


Why School Grounds Are Important For Children?

physical-education-equipmentKids these days spend very less time playing outdoors these days and there are numerous reasons for the same. Technology, video games, social networking websites and other things compel children to spend their time indoors. They are glued to screens of laptops, mobile phones, tabs and what not. The school ground or grounds near the home play a crucial role in inviting the children to come and play.

Importance and Benefits of Having and Maintaining School Grounds

When children learn and play outside, it helps in improving their balance, muscle strength, overall body co-ordination, dexterity, fitness and health. The children, when they make use of the school ground in the physical education period they get to connect with other students in a much better way. When the whole class participates in the sports activities they work as a team and bond.

Apart from playing, the school grounds can be used for other activities. The teachers can teach the students in the playground. An outdoor session with the children can significantly improve their learning skills.

When children start to learn outside or with nature they express high interest and are not bored or anxious.

Apart from the physical well-being of the children, when they learn outside it impacts their emotional well-being. They are able to better connect with nature and how it functions. Moreover, they are able to appreciate the workings of environment and how it affects the lives of human beings and animals.

School grounds can also be used for various other activities like community lunch, concerts for children, by the children, and many more.

Many observed that when students learn in the playground their behaviour improves. Also, their outlook towards life change for the better. The social interaction also improves. School grounds are pivotal for the overall growth of a child.

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